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Why Choose Medtrik?

Medtrik is the leading data and AI-assisted practice management advisory firm in Asia powered by a proprietary digital analytics platform.  We provide clinic owners with actionable insights and operational capabilities to significantly enhance their business performance.

01. Finance Dashboard 

  • Track clinic financial performance on a monthly, weekly or daily basis

  • Anticipate revenue gaps and quantify opportunity cost based on run-rate

  • Identify treatment level profitability to optimise treatment mix

02. Patients Dashboard 

  • Take a treatment-based approach to identify and market to specific target groups

  • Use identified demographics for focused marketing efforts e.g, Geo Location Marketing 

  • Use identified patient demographics on Search Engine Optimisations 

  • Identify suitable locations for chain expansion

03. Doctors Dashboard 

  • Plan and Monitor KPIs set for doctors

  • Allocate patients to doctors with higher productivity in a specific treatment 

  • Timely and objective performance appraisals and development planning

04. Clinic Dashboard 

  • Quantify the opportunity cost associated with under-utilisation 

  • Allocate and conserve manpower based on peak periods

  • Create potential dynamic pricing for downtimes 

  • Optimise scheduling appointments based on treatment times 

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