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Driving Superior Clinic Performance through Actionable Data Analytics

Optimise your clinic operations and patient outcomes today by understanding the key metrics that impact financial performance and productivity.   Powered by past and current data from your very own system, gain deeper insights into your clients' demographic, resource utilization and practitioners' productivity. 

Connect with us today as we show you the way to actionable insights to optimize your schedule for higher book-in rates, achieve forecasted revenue, target specific patient demographics and much more!

What problem does medtrik  solve?

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Information updated through direct Clinic Management Systems  integration for timely delivery of insights

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Information and insights visualised for ease of understanding 

Starter Kit


Precise and automated Call-to-Actions to simplfy tasks

Our Services

Our Services

Practice Management Advisory 

Complement ongoing tracking with regular review and strategy discussions with our practice management advisors.

Ongoing Monitoring & Tracking

Digital analytics platform to provide access to your clinic performance on a real-time basis.


Extraction, cleaning, sense-making for your historical data, and linking back to your business objectives.


“Its like having a Digital CFO!  Information which used to take us months to get hold of to make strategic business decisions is now available to us real-time!" 

Louisa Lee, DP Dental

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